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Anonymous asked: What is the meaning of oppai, paizuri and yuri

Oppai = large breasts
Paizuri = breast fuck
Yuri = girl/girl love

Furui Hentai

My tumblr of my hentai commissions, drawings and sexy pictures I’d found!

Looking for one or two people to help run this directory.

I’ve been really lazy updating this on my own, so I’ve decided to recruit one or two people to help me run this directory.

Jobs —

  • Finding hentai Tumblrs not found on this directory to add.
  • Helping answer questions from various people.
  • Posting submitted Tumblrs.
  • Advertisement (so that people submit their Tumblrs to this directory)

Requirements —

  • Absolutely MUST be able to listen to direction (if I need you to do something specific)
  • Absolutely MUST be 18 years or older.
  • Must be able to communicate with me when I need to talk to him/her.
  • Must be able to tag appropriately when needed.
  • Must know English (English is a universal language).
  • Should know the basic format of my posts (look through the Tumblr to figure it out)
  • Understand that this is not a paying job.
  • Understand this is all based on your own personal time. I’m not clocking you for hours or anything.

How to ‘apply’? —

  • Send an ask and try to convince me you can do all the stuff that I ask for.

If you get chosen, I’ll see what you’re able to do. These spots are not 100% permanent. If you choose to leave, you can. Or if I find that you cannot work up to expectation, you will be “fired”.